November through December 1st, 2016

Adventure (and Business Growth) Is Out There.

A free virtual co-working day to create strategic content, together.

Happening December 1st at a computer near you. Quest Workshops start 11 November.

Want to batch-create content but don’t know where to start, it seems too complicated, or you get blank-screen syndrome?

Me, too.

That’s why I created the Content Quest, so that we could have a dedicated day to batch-create content. To make life easier for all of us, there will be experts showing you the best ways to batch different types of content, what will work best for your business, and how to get going.


4 Experts on 4 Types of Content

Hand-picked experts who excel at batching their content, be it blog posts, videos, graphics or photos. And they’re going to teach you their tricks of staying organised, coming up with ideas, and creating that content.

Strategy Masterclass

With Maggie Giele and special guest Heather Crabtree, we’ll cover the why of your content. How can you use it to most strategically connect to your Dream Clients, grow your audience, and increase your sales?

A Super Productive Day of Creating Content

The Content Quest: December 1st. Be there. QuestMasters will be around to give live feedback and answer questions, and there will be a whole community of dedicated business owners like you working away, together.

Geeky Prizes to be Won

Did you notice what book I was reading in the header image? That should give you a hint of the theme of the Content Quest.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

1. Sign up for the Content Quest
2. Get your Welcome email and pick the Quest of Your Choice: Blog posts, Video, Photos, or Graphics
3. Get your invite for the expert Quest Workshop for your Quest, and turn up! (dates in November)

4. Come for the Strategy MasterQuest Workshop with Maggie Giele and Heather Crabtree on November 29
5. Turn up armed (with coffee) & ready on December 1st for an Epic Adventure of strategy, content creation and support.

Pick Your Quest, and Come For Its Workshop

Graphics Quest: 11 Nov
Video Quest: 15 Nov
Photo Quest: 17 Nov
Blog Post Quest: 22 Nov

All workshops are at 10am MT/ 12 noon EST/ 5pm GMT.

P.S. Yes, you can pick more than one!

Come to the Strategy MasterQuest

Nov 29: Maggie Giele + Heather Crabtree will guide you through how to use the content you’ll create to connect + communicate with your Dream Clients. 10am MT/ 12 noon EST/ 5pm GMT

How to tie in your content with your business growth strategy!

And see you on December 1st for the Content Quest!

Dec 1: Bring coffee, your notes from the workshops and get ready for an ultra-productive day. We’ll be there cheering you on!

More details to come by email. Or owl. 

Are You In for the Content Quest?

Pick a Quest and come for the workshop in November. The Quest Begins December 1st.


Choose One of Four Quests...

i.e. What type of amazing content you'll create on December 1st

Graphics Quest: 11 Nov

10am CST/ 12 noon EST/ 4pm GMT

With Questmaster Jessica Freeman

A super talented graphic designer and author of Create Your Social Media Graphics for the Year. Jess will guide you through branding, style guides and how to create templates that fit your business vision.

Jess Freeman

Trena is a wonderful Video Strategist! She’ll cover coming up with SEO video titles, finding valuable content ideas, writing an effective script, how to set up your equipment + what you need, and tips for feeling comfortable and confident on camera.

Trena Little

Video Quest: 15 Nov

10am CST/ 12 noon EST/ 4pm GMT

With Questmaster Trena Little

Photo Quest: 17 Nov

10am CST/ 12 noon EST/ 4pm GMT

With Questmaster Alli Elmunzer

Alli is the mastermind behind the successful stock photo site for female entrepreneurs. She’ll cover how to set up your photography equipment, what you’ll need, lighting, and how to create beautiful flatlays. This is the perfect workshop if you need to focus on Instagram, or what to create unique, beautiful stock photos!

Alli Elmunzer

Hailey’s wildly successful content creation empire is behind the content strategy of many online businesses, including her content strategy mastermind, Your Content, Your Empire. Hailey will cover creating a content strategy, types of topics to focus on, and not getting blank-screen syndrome. If written content is your jam (or not), Hailey is a wonderful, talented teacher.

Hailey Dale

Blog Quest: 22 Nov

10am CST/ 12 noon EST/ 4pm GMT

With Questmaster Hailey Dale

Come for the Strategy MasterQuest: 29 Nov

With Maggie Giele & Heather Crabtree
Understanding and communicating with your Dream Clients
How to connect with your audience
Using content as part of your bigger growth vision

Maggie is a digital business + marketing strategist, creating action-packed online business game plans and strategies with entrepreneurs who are on a quest to reach their big dream, but can’t see the forest through the Shire.

Maggie Giele

Heather is a business mentor for creative entrepreneurs, helping them create and grow a savvy business that combines their smarts and their hearts. She’s the fearless leader of the Savvy Business Owners group.

Heather Crabtree

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Why Should You Be in the Content Quest?

And why you should invite all your friends, too.

Get Stuff Done.

I don’t know about you, but I struggle so much with two business villains, perfectionism and procrastination. I set myself my own Content-Batching day a while back. The result? Blank-screen syndrome for hours, as I got more frustrated with myself by the minute.

Let your geeky heart run wild and free.

Bring your personality, your quirks, the things you’re embarrassed about because you think it will make you seem less of an expert (trust me, I’ve been there). We’re creating content that can connect to your ideal audience, and your Dream Clients.

Winter is Coming.

(It really is). Wouldn’t it be nice to actually relax and enjoy Christmas for a change, feel prepared during New Year’s, and not like you’re drowning in work and and endless mental to-do lists? Yes, please!

Have Support.

We’re going to hang out in Slack on the day of the Content Quest. Each Quest will have a dedicated channel, and Questmasters will be online to give feedback, jump on a video call and help you along!

Because it’s going to be FUN.

There will be prizes (that you actually have to compete for)

There will be Hot Seats and live feedback – so you have that external push that you can’t give yourself.

Also, we’re totally going to geek out about everything fantasy.

Hello. I'm the Doctor.

Maggie Giele

  • Business and marketing strategist at
  • Loves figuring the puzzle pieces of how to best move your business forward
  • Master’s of Science in Marketing Strategy
  • obsessed with the Lord of the Rings + Harry Potter (and Dr Who, and Sherlock, and Discworld, and….)
  • Plays an unhealthy amount of video games
  • Firm believer in having fun and getting shit done

The Champions

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